case study


The problem

3-D Energy helped a manufacturer of machine components to optimize its operations and save energy cost. The client had experienced nearly 50% cost increase in 2018, and was searching for solutions to take control over its costs.

“…No one has taken the time to understand our business, the specific energy consumption within our facility, and to offer a customized solution focused on achieving the highest return on investment…3-D Energy’s  approach helps us cope with the challenges of the current energy environment.”

- Head of engineering

How we helped

3-D Energy set up energy usage monitoring of key operational areas within the client’s factory. That created a detailed understanding of the energy consumed by the factory in 60-second intervals.

The granular data showed multiple irregular energy usage patterns, very high consumption during the night when the factory was not operating, and significant consumption during peak energy hours.

3-D Energy’s data analytics showed management that several machines needed maintenance, and as a result had abnormally high energy consumption. In addition, unnecessary equipment stayed on during the weekend, creating sizeable energy usage. The facility manager also did not appreciate that the high energy consumption during peak hours significantly contributed to the factory’s very high electricity bill, something than could be addressed through battery storage. 

3-D Energy also created an optimized profile for investing in a solar system, specifically sized to help the factory offset its heavy energy consumption during the day.

The results

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