Free Electric Car Chargers Offered by Retailers – How to Deal with the Additional Energy Costs

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Tesco, in partnership with Volkswagen, plans to install almost 2,500 charging points at up to 600 stores by 2020.  A standard 7kW charger will be available for free, and drivers will have to pay for a faster service.  Customers will be able to leave their cars to charge while doing their shopping, which should allow them time for a substantial free charge.  Other UK big supermarket chains – Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – have electric vehicle charging points at some of their stores as well.

As more retailers contemplate offering “electric car charging as a service”, they will have to also evaluate the impact of the additional electricity demand this initiative create.  3-D Energy’s Energy Intelligence platform offers you unique insight into which areas of your existing operation you can optimize to reduce the impact of these new costs, and offers you dynamic solutions for the new car charging initiatives!

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