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Customer experience is everything in hospitality.  Facility managers must constantly implement the latest innovations in order to control costs, stay ahead of competition, and enhance their guests’ experience.  This can take up a lot of management time.

3-D Energy provides you the tools to maintain control over your operation and realize direct cost savings, while sparing your management time.

Benefits from working with 3-D Energy

See performance in real time

Monitor the operational performance and energy usage of key areas in real time – climate control, ventilation, kitchen, lighting, refrigeration, office areas.

Identify irregular behavior

Spot periods of unusual energy consumption – for example, kitchen equipment left on during the night.

Spot inefficiencies

Highlight critical equipment malfunction or inefficiency by monitoring its performance.

Make staff a contributor to savings

Show your employees ways to reduce energy use by making simple operational adjustments.

Make profitable investments

Identify the optimal energy investments to minimize payback and provide long-term energy savings.

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