How to Save More on Your Energy Cost (Even if you Think You Have Done Everything)

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There is a lot more you can do about saving energy

You are a business owner focused on growing profitability, and you have already implemented all energy efficiency solutions recommended by your energy auditor:

  • LED lighting
  • reactive power capacitors to reduce energy losses
  • heat water pumps
  • regular maintenance protocol for the heating and ventilation systems
  • if you are a hotel owner - programmable thermostats, temperature sensors, variable speed fans
  • automated external lighting with motion sensors
  • upgrade of your air conditioning units...

…you have done it all!  But your energy costs keep stubbornly increasing, and you don’t really understand why there is such a big fluctuation of the price you pay on your monthly electricity invoice.  How is that possible?  

The reason is that energy efficiency solutions are very valuable in reducing your energy cost, BUT once implemented they become obsolete – they can no longer offer any continuing improvement.  And they don’t leave you with the flexibility to adjust to changing energy prices and market conditions.

So, what else is possible?

3-D Energy believes that as a business owner/manager you should have all tools – and practical solutions – to understand, control, and dynamically and continuously optimize your energy consumption. 

How can you do that? Through Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence simply means that at any given point of time you should have the same insight into your energy consumption as the insight you have into the operation of your production lines, or your hotel occupancy, or the number of shoppers in your mall.  And this insight comes with two very important aspects:

  • Understanding and Control – detailed information, in real time, about the energy consumed by your production lines, heating and ventilation systems, or kitchen facilities – will  give you the flexibility to manage energy use and make quick adjustments to your operations.  You will no longer need to decipher your monthly electricity bill or wonder why your total cost increased! 
  • Dynamic and continuous improvement – as you collect more data about the energy used inside your business, our IoT platform will run algorithms and show you how you can dynamically further optimize your costs; once you know where you were able to reduce energy in the past, you will be able to forecast how to run your operation so you can save even more in the future!

Finally, unlike energy efficiency, Energy Intelligence arms you with more and more Knowledge.  And with more Knowledge you and we can find even more ways for you to save energy costs.

What can you do with Energy Intelligence – the Practical Guidebook

  1. Improve your operations by fixing inefficiencies

Imagine that you are able to monitor the energy consumption of your 5 key production lines every 1-5 minutes.  The detailed information would allow you to compare the performance of identical equipment – for example, why did two compressors with the same specifications use different amount of energy.  Perhaps one of them needs to be repaired?  Real-time data will also give you the tools to do “predictive maintenance” and identify operational issues early, in contrast with the typical approach of scheduled maintenance at times recommended by the equipment supplier. 

Predictive maintenance has been deployed by leading industrial companies around the world.

  1. Cut unnecessary energy use

Real-time information can also be a powerful tool to show you in which areas of your business you can reduce power consumption.   For example, if you are a shopping mall owner, data analytics can show you how to adjust the operational schedule of your ventilation system based on a pre-set target of maximum energy consumed during any given 5-minute interval.  With the advantage of big data analytics our IoT software will be able to identify energy consumption patterns, provide you with forecasts of energy usage, and help you set the business targets you want to achieve!

  1. Prepare your business for unexpected power supply issues

Remember August 2015 when temperatures above 39 degrees forced a sharp cut to electricity supply to businesses, for the first time in over a decade?  Having an optimized price on your retail energy contract would not help with that.   But what could help is if you have full knowledge of where in your business you can immediately, and safely, reduce energy usage.  With such detailed knowledge you can also make educated investments in your own “self-supply microgrid”.

  1. Optimize the return on your investments

Type “what is the payback on photovoltaic systems” in Google and you will find that this question gets asked on average 1 000 times a month.  Sounds like a pretty important question for everyone! 

But let’s examine this question closely – it actually consists of two separate questions:

  • What is the cost of a solar installation?
  • How much energy do I save through installing a PV system?

You can get a pretty accurate estimate for the cost of a solar installation from any installer.  The answer to the second question, however, depends a lot on what amount of energy you consume inside your facility. Let’s compare the traditional way of evaluating payback on a PV system – you know that your total consumption is EUR 30 000 per year, and you are told that you have space on your roof for a PV system that costs EUR 300 000.  Your payback is 10 years, not really exciting.  BUT what if our detailed data analytics showed you that 65% of your consumption comes from three production lines, and we recommend that you only need a PV system that costs EUR 90 000, then your payback is 4,6 years, much better! 

  1. Get smart ideas about additional energy savings solutions

It is difficult to know what a good solution might be if you don’t know what the problem is!  Energy intelligence will help you identify the areas of your business that consume the most energy, and that will give both of us additional ideas on how to save. Let’s say that you a hotel owner and with the help of our analytics software you discovered that consistently the largest user of energy is your kitchen. Do you really need to invest in an expensive photovoltaic system to reduce energy cost?  No – we can simply install a small battery that can help you get enough power for your kitchen area during the most expensive peak hours.  And based on our data analytics of your historical consumption pattern, we will provide you an energy forecast that will show you the optimal time to charge the battery, and when to use it to save the most energy.

  1. Find out how you can earn revenue from reducing your energy usage

Over the past few years EU countries have introduced regulation promoting “energy flexibility”.  Energy flexibility, or Demand Response, refers to a mechanism though which an energy consumer is paid to reduce electricity consumption at peak times. A new Capacity Market and Demand Response law was introduced in Poland in 2018, allowing consumers larger than 2 MW to participate in this program, and earn as much as PLN 100 000 per MW per year.

But what if you don’t know how much of your consumption you can afford to safely reduce, or if you simply don’t consume as much as 2 MW?  Do not worry, just join 3-D Energy’s Demand Response platform.  We will help you with obtaining detailed 1-minute consumption data from your operation, help estimate where you can safely reduce energy, and add you as a participant in our group even if you don’t meet the minimum 2 MW requirement.

  1. Stay ahead of competitors with Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence can help you save on energy costs.   But it can do a lot more for your company – it can help you push forward your business in a sustainable way.  Leading global companies such as Apple Inc, Audi AG, BMW AG, China Steel, Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Commerzbank AG, Daimler AG, E.On, EDF, Facebook, Hitachi, IKEA, Lenovo, Nike, Nikon Corp, Nissan among many others have made sustainability and resilience a core part of their business, and not just part of their Public Relations strategy.  These companies have joined a global coalition called “We Mean Business”, representing 923 companies with total market capitalization of $19,3 trillion.  Join our platform and become a leader in your industry!

To learn more read here

What does 3-D Energy offer?

Our platform will give you the Tools to understand your business better, get new ideas how to save more, and continue to learn about new optimization opportunities.  It is a pyramid of learning that allows you to find continuous improvements.

In summary – it all starts with Energy Intelligence.  Whether our IoT platform helps you find that two identical production lines produce differently, or is useful to set a more optimal energy consumption target for your kitchen area, or gives you an idea how to achieve a better return on energy investments, or simply allows you to generate more revenue through participating in our Demand Response group – it is always the same basic principle.  We give you Knowledge. And with Knowledge you can continue to improve and grow your business.

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