Lesson 2: How do I set up Energy Intelligence for my business?

Energy Intelligence - Lesson 2

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Meet Mariusz.

  • Mariusz is the manager of a manufacturing facility which produces machine components.
  • Mariusz is in charge of ensuring that the factory equipment works without failure and without unnecessary stoppage, and that the finished product is produced on time and according to specification.
  • When Mariusz was asked why the factory’s electricity bill for this month was 12% higher than the previous month despite lower production, he did not know the answer.

So Mariusz decided to set up Energy Intelligence for his factory.

How to set up Energy Intelligence

Setting up Energy Intelligence for your company is done in two simple steps:

  1. You contact 3-D Energy and request a 14-day free trial
  2. We stop by and install smart IoT data-reading devices on key areas of your business – production lines, compressors, chillers, ventilation, kitchen, parking garage etc.

You don’t need to worry about the installation affecting your work – it is done without disrupting the normal daily routine of your business, without stopping any of your production, and as a manager you don’t even need to be there!

What is a digital energy map?

Once the data is uploaded, we create a “digital energy map” of your business through an interface that you can access on your computer or your mobile phone. What will it look like?

The digital energy map shows real-time energy consumption data read from the smart IoT devices we installed, every 60 seconds. For example, on the top chart above the green line shows consumption from a production line, and the yellow line shows the energy usage of the business administration area of Mariusz’ factory. The heatmap at the bottom shows the frequency of energy usage in any given time interval.

What do I see that is not on my electricity bill?

You can see your daily usage – the chart below shows both energy usage from the production line (green line) and administration area (yellow line) each day in July.

By clicking on each of the lines, you can see your usage by individual area – the line below shows only the administration area’s weekly consumption from July 1st to July 8th.

…or, if you spot something that doesn’t look right, you can really zoom in and see it minute by minute!

Energy Intelligence software is really easy to use, it lets you spot any irregular patterns of energy consumption, set up alerts, go deep into your energy data usage and find the smallest details. Can you find that on your electricity bill?

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