Lesson 1: What is Energy Intelligence?

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Meet Mariusz.

  • Mariusz is the manager of a manufacturing facility which produces machine components.
  • Mariusz is in charge of ensuring that the factory equipment works without failure and without unnecessary stoppage, and that the finished product is produced on time and according to specification.

But when the factory owner asked Mariusz why their electricity bill for this month was 12% higher than the previous month – when they had actually produced 2% less machine components – Mariusz did not know the answer. The answer couldn’t be found on the factory’s electricity bill.

What is Energy Intelligence?

Energy Intelligence helps you get inside your business and visualize the consumption of your key areas – production lines, ventilation, compressors, kitchen, pool, parking, administration – every 60 seconds.  Unlike your electricity bill, it gives you a simple picture of your energy usage as it happens, something you can actually understand. Business owners, facility managers and financial directors use Energy Intelligence to gain significant knowledge of their energy consumption. And with that knowledge they can efficiently make decisions how to cut energy costs.

Without Energy Intelligence Mariusz could not know that one of the factory’s production lines was using nearly 30 kW of energy during the weekend (chart below), when the machines were turned off.

How does it work – see our brief demo?

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 With Energy Intelligence you will learn how to:

  • Uncover areas with unnecessary energy consumption
  • Find operational issues by comparing usage of identical equipment
  • “Program” your optimal energy usage and set up alerts
  • Easily evaluate long-term investments such as solar and batteries

How do you set it and what does it help with?  Find out more in the following chapters.

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