U.S. Grocery Store Chain Uses Technology for Energy Savings

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U.S. major grocery store chain Whole Foods (recently acquired by Amazon) is using technology to generate energy savings and help the energy grid.   The company is using three cutting edge tools:

Smart Analytics – real-time energy usage analytics and controls of the stores’ refrigeration systems

Energy Battery Storage – the battery system actively manages the grocery stores’ power consumption; it charges by freezing tanks of salt water when power demand and utility rates are low, then autonomously discharges the cooling to offset refrigeration consumption when electricity demand and prices are high

Demand Side Response – Whole Foods utilizes the batteries installed in three of its northern California locations to actively reduce power consumption upon a request from the local utility under California’s Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM), and gets paid for helping the energy grid

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To learn more read here: https://facilityexecutive.com/2019/03/whole-foods-market-participates-in-ca-dram-energy-program/

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